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Dominique Mulhem

Dominique Mulhem, pioneer in holographic art, became known in the 70s, for his style is characterized by the meeting of Pop Art and hyperrealism.


Dominique Mulhem has been qualified as a multimedia artist since 1980, when he succeeded in mixing the traditional art of painting with holography. 

He always submits his works of art to an infinite spectrum of temporal changes : between the past and the future; as well as spatial changes.

His techniques include painting, holography, lenticular, virtual graphic and animation; which are sometimes used alone and often used together. 

Mulhem sets no limits to his creation, because for him the art is always more important than the creator. 


Réflexion Intime 

71 x 56 cm

Holopeinture lenticulaire 


Directional Velocity 

60 x 60 cm

Holopeinture lenticulaire 


Audrey Mondrian 

50 x 40 cm

Holopeinture lenticulaire 

D'autres oeuvres de Mulhem à découvrir à la galerie

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