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       The goal of the Galerie Saint-Honoré is to present confirmed and emerging artists, to give the opportunity to be seen by a cosmopolitan public.

The gallery selects its artists at the crush. That's why we want to offer prices that are accessible to everyone. We are convinced of the artistic value of each work we exhibit and believe that the author, the artist should have a place in this gallery.

In addition, we work particularly with the artist
Dominique Mulhem. He is our favorite artist and we are always very surprised by the variety of creations he brings for exhibition.

Gallery Atelier Saint-Honore is situated in the 8th district of Paris, in the well-known quarter of art galeries.


The galery offers variery of artworks of contemporary french artists, who are known for their humoristic and ingenious interpretation of the contemporary realities through the so-called second degree humor. 

In our gallery we are particularly interested in post pop-art, art brut oe neo-expressionism, op art and all other type of art that deploys a unique technical or conceptual way to represent the reality. 

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